The Artist’s Book which Contains Two Typographic Poems

MASA paper, Daler-Rowney Canford paper, Black Ink Mulberry Paper, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, bookcloth
Spring 2016; Chicago, Illinois

“The Artist Book which Contains Two Typographical Poems” is an experimental artist book composed by Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to Typography,” which is more dominant and emotional, much more like a love letter that Neruda wrote to typography, and Beatrice Warde’s “The Crystal Goblet, or Printing Should be Invisible,” which debates the functionality of typography in a more rational and critical way. The structure of the artist’s book is “A Book in a Book,” and miscellaneous typographic strategies are applied to show the comparative, contradictory, and dramatic differences of these two poems.

The inner one that occupies the focal center is “Ode to Typography,”  which combines musical notation with the text together to visualize the rhythm and musicality of the poem itself, as well as with the help of the heartbeat mimicking word “lubb-dupp” that emphasize them even more.

The outer one is “The Crystal Goblet, or Printing Should be Invisible.” The text starts from the top line of the die-cut, moves down page by page, and ends at the bottom line, which indicates the reading progress. Various typefaces are used in a subtle way to suggest the switching of different tones and characters.

“Ode to Typography:”

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