FOCUS: TYPO San Francisco 2015 论坛宣传册/Forum Packet

French paper cover 80#, French paper text, translucency; laser print; saddle stitch
2016年春;芝加哥,伊利诺伊州/Spring 2016, Chicago, IL

“FOCUS: TYPO San Francisco 2015 (聚焦:2015年旧金山版式设计论坛)”  是一个历时两天的国际版式设计论坛。它为字体艺术家和平面设计师提供了一个演讲的平台。这个宣传册套组包含一张海报和一本宣传册并满足美国邮政规范。所有信息需要在具备合理的逻辑层级、可辨识度、良好的阅读性和前后连续一致性的前提下进行整合与梳理。
“FOCUS: TYPO San Francisco 2015” is a two-day international typography design forum that offers opportunities for typographers and graphic designers to give lectures. The packet is composed of a poster and a brochure, which must meet the U.S. mailing regulations. The information needs to be well-organized with reasonable hierarchy, legibility, readability, and consistency.

从结构上讲,设计的主要概念为 “宣传册中的宣传册”。外册介绍了论坛活动的基本信息,而内册更强调该项目每场讲座的具体信息。演讲时间安排与注册表格印在同一张纸上。因此,当你将用于邮寄的注册表撕下来后,便携式时间表也会一并脱落。内册含有两个形成了类似口袋的折页结构,分别内嵌着发生于周四和周五两天的演讲信息。海报可以被折叠成一个信封用于收纳宣传册。它满足在美国境内直接邮寄的规范而不会产生任何附加邮费。
Structurally, the design is “a brochure in a brochure.” The outer one introduces general information about the event, while the inner one contains more detailed information about each lecture in the program. The schedule leaf and registration form are printed on the same piece of paper. Therefore, if one detaches the registration form for mailing, the schedule will come off automatically, which can be easily carried during the whole event. The inner brochure has two pull-out pages, which can be folded into two pockets embracing the information of the lectures happening on Thursday and Friday. The poster can be folded into an envelope to carry the brochure inside firmly as a whole packet, which can be mailed directly in the U.S. without any additional shipping fee.



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