FOCUS: TYPO San Francisco 2015 Forum Packet

French paper cover 80#, French paper text, translucency; laser print; saddle stitch
Spring 2016, Chicago, IL

“FOCUS: TYPO San Francisco 2015” is a two-day international typography design forum that offers opportunities for typographers and graphic designers to give lectures. The packet is composed of a poster and a brochure, which must meet the U.S. mailing regulations. The information needs to be well-organized with reasonable hierarchy, legibility, readability, and consistency.

Structurally, the design is “a brochure in a brochure.” The outer one introduces general information about the event, while the inner one contains more detailed information about each lecture in the program. The schedule leaf and registration form are printed on the same piece of paper. Therefore, if one detaches the registration form for mailing, the schedule will come off automatically, which can be easily carried during the whole event. The inner brochure has two pull-out pages, which can be folded into two pockets embracing the information of the lectures happening on Thursday and Friday. The poster can be folded into an envelope to carry the brochure inside firmly as a whole packet, which can be mailed directly in the U.S. without any additional shipping fee.



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