Fiber Art/Tapestry

wool, cotton; Fall 2010–Spring 2013; Beijing, China

Thou Speakest Not Series
3’2’’ x 4’3’’ / 95 x 130 cm
from left to right:  Thou Noticest Not; Thou Considerest Not; Thou Understandest Not

Flowing Clouds and Streaming Water
15’1’’ x 9’2’’ / 460 x 280 cm

The Purple Air Comes from the East—A Propitious Omen
15’1’’ x 7’7’’ / 460 x 230 cm

The Golden Prairie
4’3’’ x 2’11’’ / 130 x 90 cm

I find the slowness of fully concentrating on one thing very beautiful and I enjoy it very much. Therefore, I spend a great amount of time focusing on fiber art during my undergraduate study, mainly on tapestry weaving, to experience the power and duality of explicitness and subtlety, conflict and harmony, and concreteness and abstraction.

“Thou Speakest Not” series tapestry is a self-generated project inspired by the texture and color mixing on palette, which reminds people of the beauty of the paint itself. “Flowing Clouds and Streaming Water,”  “The Purple Air Comes from the East—A Propitious Omen,” and “The Golden Prairie” are commercial customized projects.

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