Everyone Is Morbid

Fall 2014; Beijing, China

“Have you ever experienced these?
  Like,  no Wi-Fi means no life?
             being addicted to sleep in late?
           ‘Wi-Fi + fast food + bed’ is like totally the best formula of a perfect day?
            and you bring your cellphone everywhere you go?
  I’m like, so correct, right?
  O, M, G! Like, congrats! You’re like MORBID, as well!
  I’m like, sorry? For not being sorry?”


I extracted “stethoscope, injector, and capsule” elements as the visual identity of the project to build an atmosphere of medical case. The other 40 icons, whose inspirations came from the questionnaire I designed, convey the representative obsessive thoughts in either explicit or implicit visual languages with basic psychological support.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Obsessive thoughts of “Alignment, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Charging, Classification, Clear-up, Collection, Completeness,
Conformality, Direction, Download, Electronics, Equilibrium, Firsthand, High Resolution,
Idleness, Immaculacy, Loading, Mutation, Numeral, Obeliteration, Orderliness,
Parallel, Precision, Procrastination, Pronunciation, Rank, Sequence, Cell Service,
Size, Specificality Involvement, Specificality Obsession, Standard, Stay-up. Symmetry, Target,
Transparency, Typo, Update, Vertical, and Verification.”


Identity System

The phenomenon that modern people cannot live without cellphones makes me introspect the negative influence of science and technology. I made this project by research, sketches, and infographics and then developed the whole concept into branding design. Based on the results, “everyone is morbid” because no one is free from any obsessive thoughts.

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