Ode to Typography

Collected in the Type Shope in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Arches cover paper black, RIVES BFK printmaking paper, book cloth; Letterpress
Fall 2017, Chicago, IL

The poem “Ode to Typography” is the content of the Typographic Artist’s Book project, the first book I ever designed during my graduate study in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In the last semester, I was taking letterpress bookworks class and I used the same content as my graduate finale.

The stacked spreads compose the timeline of the development and facts about printing and typography. Each one is a reminiscence sharing the same typographic and layout style. They are:
1. Uncial with Puzzled Initial;
2. Uncial Script, (400–1400, Medieval Period);
3. the Gutenberg Bible, (1400-1600, Renaissance);
4. Old Style Roman, (1400–1600, Renaissance; 1500–1600, Mannerist; 1600–1700, Baroque);
5. Transitional Roman, (1700–1800, Neoclassical; 1700–1900, Romantic);
6. Modern Roman, (1700–1800, Neoclassical; 1700–1900, Romantic);
7. Slab Serif/Egyptian, (1700–1900, Romantic; 1800–1900, Realist);
8. San Serif, (1700–1900, Romantic; 1800–1900, Realist);
9. Arts and Crafts Movement, (1700–1900, Romantic; 1800–1900, Realist; 1900–2000, Geometric Modenist, Lyrical Modernist, Post Modernist);
10. Bibliography; 
11. Colophon.

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