Shanghai Mind Map for Archie’s Press

In Collaboration with Archie’s Press
letterpress print; 8 x 8 inch / 20 x 20 cm
Summer 2018, New York, NY

The Beijing Mind Map was my first collaborative project with Archie. After we finished it, we decided to collaborate again to make this Shanghai Mind Map happen.

Shanghai is one of the direct-controlled municipalities in mainland China, and it is well-known for acting as a global financial center. Being one of the most monumental cities all over the world, Shanghai is extremely fancy with hundreds of thousands of skyscrapers.

I started from looking at the map of Shanghai to try to figure out what our “big picture” will be. Since Shanghai is the city that has the largest urban area, I decided to foucus more on its center part, which is defined by its “Middle Ring Rd.”

Special Thanks to

陈 翀泽 [Chongze (Oscar) Chen]

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#envisioning information
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