Blackout 2003

In collaboration with Mengxi Cui/崔梦茜
Epson enhanced matte paper; inkjet print; 32 x 20 inch / 81 x 51 cm 
Fall 2016, Chicago, IL

This infographic is an envisioning information work that visualizes the narrative based on the widespread electricity outage happened from Midwest to Northeast, the United States and Ontario, Canada in 2003. 
The project aims at using data visualization and typographic strategies to tell the storyline of a 200-page report containing the whole sequence and consequences, potential reasons, and aftermath, as well as to build a straight-forward, consistent, and coherent narrative architecture.

Background Map
Our design strategy is to map everything  onto the big background map. In this way, the audience could get a better realistic geographic sense of what was happening during then.

Information LEGO
In order to make data clusters more appealing and realistic, we experimented 3D illustration components in this project. Since they are implemented on an iconic level of communication, they can be effectively and efficiently composed into any data envisioning form—just like LEGO bricks.

LEGOs of Electricity Generation
from left to right: Power Plant (Generator); Transmission/Distribution Substation; Transmission Line; Distribution Line; City
LEGOs of the Aftermath
From left to right: Power Generation; Water Supply; Transportation; Communication; Industry

We want our diagrams to be not only accurate but also in variety. After tons of exploration and experimentation, based on the data analyzing and visualizing, here is a selection of what we accomplished.


#envisioning information
#data visualization

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