象日狂欢  POPsicle EAMEStravaganza

—沃科原创 “POP” x vitra.伊姆斯夫妇 “大象凳”/POP by X · Work EAMES ELEPHANT by vitra.
1080 x 1080 pixels, 940 x 400 pixels
2020年夏,中国北京/Summer 2020, Beijing, China

“Why? This is very midsummer madness.”

—William Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”


—威廉 · 莎士比亚,《仲夏夜之梦》

While midsummer madness is approaching,
the childhood dreams come true as well.

You wanna pour your chromatic memories on canvas,

or turn your sophistication into more ambitious goals?

You wanna bring your rational belief into binary virtual reality,

or wanna build your wildest imagination in real life?

嗯……似乎 “传道受业解惑也” 也是个不错的选择!
Like... Maybe sharing your wisdom also sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 

“象日狂欢” 是 “北京沃科系统科技有限公司” 于二〇二〇年儿童节当天于企业微信公众号上举行的一次互动活动。幸运参与者将会获得由美国知名设计师伊姆斯夫妇所设计的 “大象凳” 作为奖品。因此,通过将 象” 和 “夏日” 两词融合的 “象日狂欢” 即一语双关地传达了本次活动的意图。

视觉设计以伊姆斯小象凳和大象凳为载体,呈现了艺术家、首席执行官、程序员、工程师和幼儿园教师五种职业的童年及长大后的不同状态。将 “沃科” 原创家具产品设计POP和奖品同时露出,在不影响视觉趣味性的同时增强了企业的曝光度。


“POPsicle EAMEStravaganza” is a campaign hosted by “Beijing X · Work System Technology Co., Ltd.,” which was posted on its official WeChat account on Jun. 1st, 2020 (the Children’s Day). The awards were two Eames Elephants designed by the prestigious Eames Couple. Therefore, the made-up words “POPsicle EAMEStravaganza” convey the core information ofthe campaign.

Using Eames Eephant as a metaphor, the visual design shows the childhoods happiness and adulthoods status of 5 different occupations——artist, CEO, programmer, engineer, and kindergarten teacher. Juxtaposing X · Work’s original design “POP” with Eames Elephant together achieves better exposure of the corporation without impacting the images’ visual flavor.

Visual Design: Artist——Bubble Gum; CEO——3D Globe Puzzle; Programmer——Marble; Engineer——Balloon; and Kindergarten Teacher——Ice Cream.

设计过程/Design Progress

节日海报  Holiday Posters 

1009 x 2062 pixels
2019年冬至今,中国北京/Winter 2019–Present, Beijing, China

Left: Christmas/Middle: New Year 2020/Right: Spring Lantern Festival

电影海报  Movie Posters

69 x 104 cm/27 x 41 inch
2018年春~2019年冬,多个地点/Spring 2018–Winter 2019, Multiple Places

Left: Farewell, My Peking Opera/Right: Adventures of T-man

京剧路  Farewell, My Peking Opera
李祎珵合作完成/In collaboration with Yicheng (Jill) Li
69 x 104 cm/27 x 41 inch
2018年春,温斯特-萨勒姆,北卡罗来纳州/Spring 2018, Winston-Salem, NC


“Farewell My Peking Opera,”
which is a documentary film archiving a Beijing opera performer’s life’s up-and-downs, is a freelance project for Yicheng (Jill) Li’s thesis. It combines selected classic Beijing opera and Chinese painting elements to create an impression that the entity itself has already gone as well as emphasize the film’s title. Meanwhile, its design scheming also triggers the audiences’ curiosity and imagination of the movie’s storyline.

泰来否往  Adventures of T-man
69 x 104 cm/27 x 41 inch
2019年冬,中国北京/Winter 2019, Beijing, China


“Adventures of T-man” documents the ups and downs of Terrance’s personal life, who is a patient of autism. The poster’s key visual is Terrance’s profile portrait and the background is a tapestry of screenshots from the film. These two elements strengthen the film’s storyline and its visual heaviness. Furthermore, the pixelized game-like typeface used one the name sculptures Terrance’s characteristics as well.

信息图表设计  Infographics

2015年秋;芝加哥,伊利诺伊州/Inkjet prints; Fall 2015; Chicago, IL

该信息图表视觉化了 “美国生活,第75集—第三幕:不速之客” 的叙事性逻辑结构。

This infographic is a narrative architecture which visualizes multiple levels of information of “The American Life, Episode 75—Act III, Unkindness of Strangers.

广告类海报设计  Advertisement Poster Design

激光打印;210 x 297 mm/laser print; 8.27 x 11.69 inches
2013年秋;中国北京/fall 2013; Beijing, China

自我推广海报设计/Self Introduction Advertisement Poster

空气污染系列公益海报/A Series of Air Pollutant Themed Public Service Advertisement Posters

#自由艺术家项目/freelance project
#视觉传达设计/visual communication design
#平面设计/graphic design
#海报设计/poster design
#中国文化/Chinese culture

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