French paper text; laser print with special matte ink; Fall 2016, Chicago, IL

方案一/approach 1:
单一字体家族/only one typeface allowed (Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk)

方案二/approach 2:
四个字体家族混用/must be using four typefaces
(Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk, DIN Schrift. Frutiger, & MetaPro)

“GRAPHIS” 是一个位于纽约市专注于视觉传达设计书籍的国籍出版社。它呈示并推广最优秀的递交与自荐的平面设计、广告设计、摄影和艺术与插画作品。它的索引信息量巨大,因此它的逻辑层级、可阅读性和视觉语言的连贯性都需要很好地在根据对内容的理解与分析进行组织和设计。
“GRAPHIS” is an international publisher of books on communication design based in the New York City, which presents and promotes the best submitted work in graphic design, advertising, photography, and art/illustration. Its index contains packed information, whose hierarchy, readability, and consistency need to be well-designed based on the understanding and analyzing of the content.

#信息可视化/envisioning information

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