Farewell, My Peking Opera

In collaboration with Yicheng (Jill) Li/李祎珵
Epson enhanced matte paper; inkjet print; 27 x 41 inch / 69 x 104 cm
Spring 2018, Winston-Salem, NC

“Farewell My Peking Opera,” which is a documentary film archiving a Beijing opera performer’s life’s up-and-downs, is a freelance project for Yicheng (Jill) Li’s thesis. It combines selected classic Beijing opera and Chinese painting elements to create an impression that the entity itself has already gone as well as emphasize the film’s title. Meanwhile, its design scheming also triggers the audiences’ curiosity and imagination of the movie’s storyline.

The documentary’s premiere is at “2018 MFA/MA FILM SCREENING & RECEPTION” at 5:30 PM on Friday, May 18th at Wake Forest University Graduate School at Brookstown, 200 Brookstown Ave, Winston-Salem, NC.

#freelance project
#visual communication design
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#Chinese culture

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